Please review the information below, on this page, before texting. Responses may take time, depending on the volume of requests. 


1. Read through this page thoroughly.

2. text (310) 912 - 2733

3. Await a reply (responses may take days, depending on the volume of requests. Responses will be emailed or texted for reply) from AmericanDebbie which will either include pricing for your desired tattoo or a message of non approval (not accepting coverups at the moment).

4. If accepted for booking, a deposit will be needed to book and AmericanDebbie will have the final approval. 

5. Appointment is booked once finally approved and the shop address will be sent in a finalized message sharing the policies!

Text messages such as, "Hey" or "I want a tattoo", will not receive a response.



For more information on tattoo pricing click this blog post titled Pricing Tattoos


A tattoo that requires more information (that can't be understood through email or text) may require an consultation. By scheduling a (free) consultation a person gets to plan out his or her tattoo and decide on an appointment day (the day that the actual tattooing would take place). They will be able to get an exact price for their desired design and AmericanDebbie would be able to video-chat or FaceTime, and see the sizing of the tattoo they would like. While it is an option to book that day, it is not mandatory. The consultation is informational and the booking is up to the person. If a consultation is not possible due to a person living outside of Los Angeles a FaceTime consultation can be available.


  • NO MASK NO SERVICE. You must have a mask on, to wear at all times in the shop.
  • no guests allowed (if necessary we will allow one guest, they MUST have a mask on as well, and are NOT allowed in the tattoo area, but can wait in the sitting/waiting area)  No one will be allowed to be in the work area with the client according to Assembly Bill 1168 Safe Body Art, no exceptions.
  • if you have had a fever in the last 48 hours, or are experiencing any symptoms of Corona Virus, you will be asked to leave and reschedule via phone.
  • we are following all sanitary regulations meaning : the counters, surfaces, desks, beds, chairs, tools, equipment, etc will all be cleaned before and after each appointment. we will be washing our hands and wearing our medical grade protective gear. We will also not be tattooing if we aren’t feeling well or have any flu-like symptoms.
  • things may move slower than usual because of the need for constant sanitizing and cleaning of the shop, thank you for your patience. 
  • deposits are still non-refundable 
  • no kids, no pets, no food or drinks allowed (other than water, which is also available) Headphones are okay to bring for during your tattoo.
  • LATE FEE: please be on time, a late fee will be added to your service (after 30 minutes over your appointment time an amount of $30.00) after 45 minutes your appointment will be canceled. no show= no reschedule.
  • CANCELATIONS/ RESCHEDULES: please cancel or reschedule at least 12 hours in advance of appointment. If a cancelation/reschedule is not done before 12 hours of appointment, a (new) $50 deposit may be required to obtain the next appointment. (the original deposit will not go towards your balance but the new deposit will). The second time canceling of any kind (customer has canceled once and is canceling again) there is a $50 deposit to reschedule. ANY QUESTIONS WILL BE ANSWERED IF THIS IS NOT UNDERSTOOD.

ALL deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE and come out of the tattoo's total price. (if the tattoo is $300 and a deposit is made, the remainder will be owed the day of the tattoo appointment.


-(Minus) DEPOSIT





If a design has been agreed upon that requires drawing (this will be known to the customer ahead of time) and the day of the appointment the customer would no longer like to get that agreed-upon design, and would rather get another design, there may be a design change fee. This is $30 added to the day's service total price. For example: if a customer has agreed to book for a design of flowers and a poem that required drawing ahead of time by AmericanDebbie, then decides the day of the appointment to get a word tattooed, the fee may apply.


Disclose any medical/health concerns prior to booking an appointment on the form in the link above. Let the artist know of any allergies or issues that could be at risk during the tattooing process. Make sure the tattoo design you've chosen is something you really want. Do research on the translation of a tattoo if it is from another language or culture. Before your appointment make sure you've had a good night's sleep the night before and eat a good meal. Make sure that you are not under the influence of any drugs or alcohol. Make sure that your body is clean and you're alert. Numbing cream is NOT provided by AmericanDebbie and if you have applied any to your skin be sure to alert the artist before the tattoo session. Bringing headphones (especially wireless ones) to your tattoo appointment is totally fine, and can help with anxieties and nervousness. Remember its okay to be a little nervous, even people with tons of tattoos can still get a little nervous before getting a new one! Talk to AmericanDebbie so she can help make you feel safe and accommodated.


The aftercare instructions are different for each tattoo artist based on the products they use during and after the procedure. The aftercare instructions below are based on AmericanDebbie's tattoos and the use of the product "Saniderm" which is a medical grade bandage placed over the finished tattoo. Total healing time for a tattoo is about 2-3 weeks.

NO SWIMMING until completely healed. 

NO SOAKING until completely healed.

NO HEAT OR DIRECT SUNLIGHT until completely healed.

Please try to leave the bandage on for 4-6 days, and avoid as much water/moisture as possible during this period. The bandage is thin and clear and sometimes appears to be clouding the tattoo ink which is normal. The bandage is medicated and there is no need to put ointments on top or around the plastic. Take quick showers and lower the water temperature during the whole healing period (2-3 weeks)

Once the plastic bandage is removed, proceed with lightly "washing" it (lightly running the fingers only over the tattoo and never with a washcloth/never exfoliating), patting dry and applying a non-scented lotion for the rest of the healing time (about a week and a half). The lotion should be continued even after the tattoo is healed to keep the tattoo moisturized. When applying the lotion use very small amounts and lotion the whole body part where the tattoo is located. Do NOT apply large amounts of lotion to the tattoo only, this would be bad for the tattoo as it is TOO MUCH moisture. Wear loose clothing and be gentle with your new tattoo and it will heal great!